8 Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

Armpit fat can be a pain to get rid of, but it’s not as stubborn as the fat around your thighs or abdomen. With a little effort, you can tone the muscles in your upper arms and reduce the fat in this area.

The key is to concentrate on specific exercises targeting this area’s muscles. However, you should also try on getting stronger and improving your overall physique by adding cardio and weight training to your workout routine that can maximize weight loss results.

It’s a common belief that the only way to get rid of unwanted arm flab is to hit the weights hard and dedicate yourself to an intense workout. However, there are several ways to tone and tighten the area around your armpit without lifting a single weight.

Best Exercises For Armpit Fat

  1. Pushups

    Though pushups may seem simple, they work several other muscles. The primary muscles targeted are those in the upper arms and others. Pushups also engage the muscles in the abdomen and back, as well as those in the legs and hips.

    As a result, pushups are excellent for muscular endurance and building strength. An increased upper body strength could give enhance your functional fitness which is good for daily physical activities like pushing the cart or rearranging furniture in your room.

    Additionally, pushups are a convenient way to add strength training to any fitness routine because they can be performed almost anywhere. Several modified pushup options can make the exercise more accessible for those just starting. For instance, you can place your knees on the ground instead of your toes or do a standing pushup against a wall.

    • Start by facing towards the floor and positioning your hands a little wider than shoulder width.
    • Move and extend your feet, almost like you are in a plank position.
    • While you’re parallel facing towards the floor, go down lower your body, and come back to the starting position. That would be one rep.
    • Repeat for a few reps or as your fitness level allows you.


  2. Triceps Press

    Building strong, toned upper arms starts with strengthening your triceps. It is a muscle in the back of the upper arms that run from your shoulders to your elbows. Fortunately, you can easily target this muscle with a straightforward exercise: the triceps press.

    The exercise involves lying flat on a bench, pushing weights up and down while keeping your elbows bent and tucked close to your body. For effective toning,

    • Start with holding a pair of lightweight dumbells in each hand
    • Sit on a bench and lift your arm overhead.
    • Bring the weight down behind and near your head as per your muscle mobility level.
    • Raise them back overhead again
    • Try to repeat it 8 to 10 times for two sets or more

    This workout can lead to more muscular, toned arms within a few weeks without sacrificing precious gym time.

    Triceps Press

  3. Tricep Extension

    The triceps extension exercise helps target the back of your arms, known as the triceps. It is similar to the triceps press but can be completed while lying on the floor. When making this move, you can work one arm at a time or both hands simultaneously. The exercise will help you strengthen your upper arms and shoulders while defining muscle lines to create a more toned look.

    • Take free weights and lie on a bench or the mat.
    • Keep your hands at the side of your head while keeping them above your shoulders.
    • Bend elbows down at around 90 degrees so that they are practically facing the ceiling.
    • Extend weights towards the ceiling while your hands appear as two parallel lines.
    • Bring it back to the starting position and repeat for a few more reps.

    Tricep Extension

  4. Chest Press

    You can build strong, lean arms, chest, and shoulders with a few simple pieces of equipment. The chest press exercise is a joint exercise to work these body parts. All you need to complete this exercise is a workout bench and weights that fit comfortably in your hands. This exercise will help you achieve toned arms, defined chest muscles, and firmer shoulder muscles that stand out from every angle.

    • Get a pair of free weights
    • Lie straight on the bench while keeping your feet on the floor for stabilizing your body’s position.
    • Hold weights in your arms and keep them at your body level.
    • While extending your arms towards the ceiling, do not change your lower arm position.
    • Avoiding locking out of your elbow as they would be subject to injury.
    • Repeat these for three sets with several reps, or as per your strength level.

    Chest Press

  5. Bicep Curl

    Bicep curls are a simple yet effective exercise for toning and strengthening your arms. Whether you use free weights, use the classic two-handed version or single-arm curls. Make sure you challenge yourself with proper weight but not too much to lift without risking injury.

    For more flexibility and ease in targeting specific muscles, consider hitting the bicep curl machines at your gym. However, some users may find them unnatural movements and thus doubt their results.

    • Carry a pair of dumbells in both hands
    • Bend them and bring them near your shoulder width, like the elbows facing the floor.
    • Bring them down at the starting position. That would be considered one rep.
    • Do not extend or flex your wrist to avoid injuries.

    Bicep Curl

  6. Bench Dip

    Bench dips are a great way to build upper body strength without straining your back or joints. The portability of the bench dip adds to its value since it is done almost anywhere. Whether you’re at the gym with your favorite workout bench or grabbing one of the armrests of your living room sofa.

    All you need is a sturdy surface and some determination to reap the benefits. Not only does this exercise target your armpits, but it also works to increase strength in your arms and shoulders for an overall toned upper-body look.

    • Grab a chair, a bench, or a raised surface
    • Sit on it and hold the edge with your palms and make a firm grip using your fingers.
    • Move down while keeping your feet together and lower to the level until your upper arms appear parallel to the floor.
    • Perform a controlled movement and bring yourself up and repeat the exercise.

    Bench Dip

  7. Triceps Pressdown

    Training with the triceps press down can be a great way to reduce armpit fat. Not only does this exercise help to shape and tone the arms but it also works explicitly on the tricep muscles, which are involved in pushing movements.

    The added benefit of performing press downs is that it helps to target and reduce excess fat within the armpit region, leading to a slimmer appearance around the arms. Doing press-down exercises will strengthen your body overall and improve definition in areas people tend to focus on too.

    Triceps Pressdown

  8. Seated Row

    Seated rows can improve the strength of your back while slimming down your flabby arms and armpit fat. It works on both sides of your shoulder blades, helping to tone your upper arms and reduce excess fat around the armpits. Working all the muscles along your upper back will also help spread out stubborn pockets for a more sculpted appearance. You can use ankle weights or hand-held dumbells to increase resistance and challenge yourself to reduce armpit fat for a leaner figure further.

    Seated Row

Final Thoughts

In addition, simple lifestyle changes such as getting plenty of sleep and eating a healthy diet and weight loss pills listed on ReviewJournal, can also help you target arm fat in long run. If you’re looking to get rid of armpit fat, there is no absolute necessity to hit the gym, as making some minor changes to your lifestyle could give you positive results with time.

However, trying gym workouts could open more ways to include a variety of exercises to target your overall body, which will improve your physique where you could also get proper guidance from a trainer. This might help you lose your overall fat count and add to your long-term weight loss goals.

Regular tricep push-ups, overhead dumbbell extensions, and tricep kickbacks are all great exercises for toning your upper arms. You can also do spot-targeted exercises like shoulder presses and front raises to work the muscles around your armpits. With a bit of dedication, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your upper arms in no time.

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